Please let us know if

  • you're a teen parent & want to join the Mother Tongue Project;
  • you'd like to partner with us;
  • you are a former teen parent and want to donate your time and expertise;
  • you have insights, recommendations, resources, or references for our work; and/or
  • you would like to donate to the Mother Tongue Project.

We look forward to hearing from you!

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Mail a note or donation

Mother Tongue Project
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PO Box 23374
Santa Fe, New Mexico 87502

contribute online

Click here to donate online through our fiscal sponsor, Partners in Education for the Santa Fe Public Schools, and the Network for Good. On the donation page, simply highlight Mother Tongue Project on the drop-down menu titled "I want my donation to be designated toward."

You also can set up recurring donations to the Mother Tongue Project through this page.

Thank You

Thank you for considering a generous donation to the Mother Tongue Project. Contributions go a long way toward:

  • maintaining the Mother Tongue Project as a sound organization;
  • offering the Mother Tongue English Class;
  • covering students’ materials costs;
  • building the Mother Tongue Library; and
  • starting the Mother Tongue Mentor program.